lundi 12 janvier 2009

On The Great Ocean Road

The end og the great ocean road: Port Fairy. Lovely place, wonderful breakfast ;)

Because Arthur was kidding Charlotte... port fairy

The beautiful and amazing backpackers on the road: Lorne city

The old captain in the lighthouse, cape Ottoway

Sisters in Lorne beach, with famous coffe "take away"

Because in backpacker, we did a bad thing... We stole a big ice cream in the fridge... 3kg :)

Amazing!! A picture of my city in France: GRENOBLE in the middle of the great ocean road, in Oz !!!! We can't see the "bulles" or "les trois tours" because this pictures is so old, but it's my city !!!!!

Lorne beach, with fishermen...

In the backpackers on the road... Lorne city... very sweet !

The team... just miss my sister :)

Torquay beach, first city on the great ocean road

Cap Ottaway... like the horror movie "the ring"

My first wild koala !!!!

The famous rent car, with a fucking bond... 3000 $ !!! Oh my god !!!

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