lundi 17 novembre 2008

First Road trip

G'day everybody !

Last week end, with my friends, we went for our first road trip to Canberra and around, in the national parc (kuziosko NP and snowy mountains NP).

The parlement house

Just front of parlement house
Friday afternoon, meeting at Carole's flat (she's bresilian) at 3 pm. I pick up Helena (tcheque) at Bondi Junction and we join her. We had waiting Cigi during 1 hour because she was lost (with the car AND the GPS of course)... so when we took the road, the road was busy; big traffic !!

Spéciale dédicasse à Cigi...alias sicky

No birds but beers

After several hours of driving, raining and night (in more in Australia we drive on the left, and for me it was the first time i drove on another road than Dee why to pick up kids at school, so i promese, i was worry!)

Just a little stop on the road to dinner at MAC DONALD of course! And we were to Canby (=Canberra) at 9 pm.

We stayed sleeping in an awesome backpackers, with swimming pool, lift and big rooms... very gorgeous, with a pub just closed to us... pretty good times!!!

Shame on us... but it's so funny

We stayed drink lots of beers all the night with Carole, talking about... girl's things (ahah) and drink again, and laughing a lot ("just beautiffuuuuul" "just perfectlyyyyy") and at 4 am, we decided to go to sleep, because next day, it was tourist time very early... arrrgh !

Girls just wanna have fun... and beers

Helena, Cigi and Carole

When Helena found a tcheque beer...

The next day we stayed in Canby to visit a little bite and because we had to pick up Charlotte at the train station at 11 am... So just after a big breakfast with eggs, bacon and sausage, we had just visit the parlement house, and the war memorial.

Yeah! it was snowing to Canby !!!!!!

Canby is nice but i prefer Sydney... really !

Girls and sheep... like kids of course

I love sheep

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